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Audiophile Speaker Repair

What is Audiophile Speaker Repair? It’s over 30 years of experience combined with advanced restoration techniques and equipment.

The most common problem with vintage speakers is rotted surround foam. Replacing it looks easy but can result in damage to the driver. We have the proper voice coil centering shims to do the job right.

Bad Glue Work

Most speaker repair technicians apply the required glue straight out of the tube. This results in ugly glue lines. We use special precision applicators so that your speaker looks like it came from the factory.

Damaged Cones and Domes

We can repair most damaged woofer cones and tweeter domes. This keeps your speaker operating as it was designed.

Audio System Consulting

Quality audio reproduction systems can be expensive. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had access to an objective expert in systems design and acoustic engineering? At Atlanta Audio Electronics Repair we work for you because we don’t sell or provide equipment or installation services. We can be your secret weapon against salesman pushing their brands on you.

New or Used?

Purchasing used equipment can be quite alluring because of the savings it offers, but is it the right choice? Sometimes it is, while at others it is not. We can help guide you through the decision making process, and act as a third party testing facility.

Help With System Setup

Setting up computer-based audio systems or home theaters can be quite complex. Whether you need help setting up J River Media Center or a complete home theater we are here to help answer questions and walk you through the process.

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Our technicians can service many makes and models of audio equipment including, but not limited to, the following: Advent | Altec | Audio Technica | B&W | Crown | Denon | Dynaco | Emotiva | Halfler | Harmon Kardon | Hitachi | Infinity | JBL | JVC | Kenwood | Klipsch | Krell | Linn | Luxman | Marantz | Mark Levinson | McIntosh | Mitsubishi | NAD | Nakamichi | Onkyo | Panasonic | Paradigm | Parasound | Philips | Pioneer | QSC | Revox | Samsung | Sansui | Sony | Studer | Tascam | Technics | Toshiba | Yamaha